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Get Started with Conceptual Design in Archicad

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▶︎ Format: self-paced online course
▶︎ Level: foundation
▶︎ Duration: 1 hour
▶︎ Unit System: Imperial
▶︎ Certification Points: 10 points ★
▶︎ Accreditation: 1 AIA LUs

Learn how to use basic Archicad tools to create competition-level documentation for the conceptual design of a commercial building. You will test areas, apply visual enhancements to 2D and 3D Views, and generate high-quality outputs.

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Learning Objectives 

The goal of this course is to teach you how you can shape a commercial tower using massing tools in Archicad rapidly. You will learn how to get regular live feedback on area compliance and how applying surfaces to faces can enhance their 3D appearance for competition level outputs. 

You will also get familiar with adding Zones of varying categories and schedule their areas in multiple ways. You will understand how you can control the consistency of their 2D and 3D visual representations and automatically label them in a View. You will also see how you can further develop the model by adding BIM elements such as a Curtain Wall. Finally, you will learn the basics of creating a Sun Study animation. 

Target audience 

Users who would like to get familiar with using a collection of Archicad tools for the creation of competition level outputs of a conceptual design 


Table of contents 

  • Morph 
  • Zones 
  • Curtain Wall 
  • Schedules 
  • Labeling 
  • Surface Painter 
  • 3D Styles 
  • Graphic Overrides 
  • Sun Study 

Recommended Learning 

We recommend you to complete one of the Getting Started with Archicad courses before this modeling course so you are up to date with the foundations of BIM, the Archicad user interface and some basic principles.  

Software Requirements 

Videos in this course have been created using the International language version of Archicad which means that the work environment and some of the content may be different if you are using a different language version. 

To get the best training experience we recommend you to use latest Archicad version! Download Archicad here! 


Completing the course material, including the quiz with a minimum of 60% achievement and filling out the satisfaction survey, will award you points towards achieving the Archicad BIM User Certification

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Here is the course outline:

1. Welcome

In this module you will see the agenda and the table of contents of the course and learn how you will be able to use the exercise file to follow the course.

2. Conceptual Design

In this module, you will learn how to use the Morph Tool to rapidly shape a building. We will also look at using schedules to ensure our areas are meeting brief and how to apply colours and textures with the Surface Painter to enhance its exterior appearance.

3. Program Model

In this module, you will learn to place Zones of varying categories, get an overall 3D view of the Zone stack, cut a section through them, and automatically label and check for area compliance.

4. Outputs

In this module, you will learn how to prepare a Sun Study, enhance your building by adding further modelling detail and prepare presentation layouts.

5. Conclusion

Thank you for completing this training! Please fill out the anonymous satisfaction survey so we can continue improving our training materials!

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